The Book

Ere àwòrán

Ere Aworan is a story of slavery, love, hope and redemption. It follows the life of Osumaka and his family who are abducted from Africa and sent into slavery. It also follows two sailors from the US who are sent to stop the slave trade in the Africa Squadron. There, the two sailors, one from the south and one from the north, clash ideologically over the issue of slavery. Ultimately, the reality and horror of the slave trade change the mind of the sailor from the south until he too opposes slavery. Their journey is cut short, however, by the outbreak of the Civil War back home and they soon find themselves as adversaries. Osumaka, who had been enslaved on a plantation in the south escapes and enters into the underground railroad. There he meets Sarah, who is a protégé of Harriet Tubman. She introduces Osumaka to Mrs. Tubman and he joins her side in fighting for the Union.